POINT CREEK HAVEN is excited to now be the guest quarters for the Walker Family Wildlife Ranch, and a partner in a newly-launched effort to preserve the native flora and fauna of Comal County, along with the peace and serenity of country living. As a part of this change, we are now MEMBERS ONLY and are phasing out the relationship we have enjoyed with the general public for nearly 30 years. If you are a long-time regular guest of ours, you may already be a member. Contact us here, or by email, for details.

If you have booked at least 9 nights at Point Creek Haven during the last two years and have been coming regularly for several years prior to that, it is likely that you will receive an email from us by the end of the year, offering you the chance to become a member and book a reservation for next year's summer season. If you have changed your email address recently, or fear that we may not have you on our list, be sure to contact us and provide updated information. Even if you have not stayed with us or registered in the past under your name, you may also be able to reserve as a guest of someone who is already a member. Please contact us for details, or have that person contact us and recommend you for membership.

We apologize for any disappointment this change may have caused anyone, but we simply can no longer keep up with the growing popularity of this region as a recreational area by renting cottages to the general public while, at the same time, fulfilling our mission to protect the natural habitat and maintain a quiet country getaway for our special ecology-minded friends who cherish the beauty and tranquility of the great outdoors as much as we do.

Please use the back button on your browser to return to our "Availabilities & Contact" page; look over what is open; and use the form at the bottom to contact us to discuss your vacation plans.

Hope we see you soon!

Your friends at POINT CREEK HAVEN