Our facilities consist of only cabins so far, no RV sites. But if there is enough interest, we could add two or three hookups. Is that something that might interest you?

If so, your advice and suggestions would be invaluable. Please take a minute to send me a quick email describing what it is you look for in an RV site.

What would be a fair price to charge per night?
What amenities do you consider a must?
How far apart should the RV sites be?
Do you commonly travel in a caravan with friends who also have RV's or travel trailers?
If so, how far apart would you like to be parked from where they are?
Are restroom & shower facilities important?
Are you a "winter Texan"? Or a summer tubing or boating enthusiast?

You get the picture! We are open to all ideas since this would be a totally new arena for us. Hope to hear from you.

Ed Walker
Point Creek Haven

My email is: vacation@pointcreek.com